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Terex/ASV Scout ST-50 as Grooming Machine.

Although not directly related to the construction industry, many readers are certainly avid snowmobile enthusiasts and club members. When it came to trail grooming, snowmobile clubs had to rely on either a small sled with a 4’ wide drag or a much larger machine which very often was cost prohibitive and/or just too large for their trail systems. Many attempts have been made to find the right mid-size machine with an enclosed cab and heater along with the ability to carry a passenger. These typically consisted of a 4wd utility vehicle equipped with tracks but they just didn’t have the power needed to handle snow loads and steep terrain.

Almost two years ago, ASV introduced the Scout utility vehicle. Although designed for many different applications, one primary use was snowmobile trail grooming. The Scout is a dedicated track vehicle equipped with a 50HP Perkins diesel engine, 2 speed hydrostatic transmission and a conventional steering wheel. Many options include a fully equipped 2 passenger heated cab, front snow blade and hydraulic dump box. With the dump box removed, the machine is left with a flat bed and the perfect place to mount a gooseneck hitch.

In January of 2008, M.B. Tractor & Equipment coupled a 6’x12’ MTN snow drag behind the Scout and began promoting it at groomer shows, Snodeos and individual club demos. Dan Weed of Bow Pioneers Snowmobile Club assisted us with testing and providing valuable feedback. “After a long search for a mid-size grooming tractor we found the ASV Scout SC-50. Last year the Bow Pioneers Snowmobile Club became a test site for the Scout in the Northeast. We had been looking for a mid sized machine that would bridge the gap between a snowmobile type groomer and a full sized groomer such as a Tucker Sno-Cat or Pisten-Bulley. Until last year there were no viable alternatives. You either had under powered ATV/UTV conversions adapted with tracks or utility vehicles that were feeble attempts at being a grooming tractor. After testing the Scout during the summer we were excited to test it in the winter with the optional snow track and a drag. The 50HP diesel and hydrostatic drive system is a good match with a 12’ long drag. After having the snow tracks put on we tested it last year on our trail system. We found that the Scout is very maneuverable in tight areas and has plenty of power with this configuration. The machine has been very successful in filling the void for a mid sized tractor. We are looking forward to our second season with the Scout.”


In addition to trail grooming, another attractive feature of the Scout is its versatility. It can be used during the spring and summer for trail maintenance as well as moving material at a job site. Other possible markets include utility companies and fire/rescue departments.

M.B. Tractor successfully sold and delivered seven Scout/Groomers to various clubs throughout New Hampshire.

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